The six best breweries in Long Island

Traditionally, the brewery has dominated Long Island’s tasting space, and in recent years there have been a large number of breweries on the whole island. These destinations provide beer lovers with a place to taste handmade beer (many of which can only be tasted indoors), a perfect beer taste, a visit to a brewery operation, and a buzz in the process. Here are some of our favorite Long Island breweries.

1、Jamesport Farm Brewery: Riverhead


The 2017 Labor Day weekend marked the grand opening of the “farm to pint” brewery. The beer is made from the farm’s own barley and 43 acres of hops, gently blowing in the middle of the road to Norfolk wine. The wine tasting room and brewery are located in an ancient potato barn that leads to a big lawn with tables and games. Most autumn weekends are going to have a food truck and live music, and visitors can visit the farm through a hay wagon. The annual Long Island fresh Festival, held on the scene, comes from fresh Brewery Beer from dozens of parents’ island breweries.

2、Greenport Harbor Brewing Company: Greenport and Peconic


Green and Potter port brewing company has two parts: the old Green Potter Village fire station has a comfortable taste room, and the new larger place, an acre of outdoor space, driving at Peconic. Each family serves slightly different tasty beer, light beer and IPA, such as the popular Orient, a new England style IPA hops and apricot / Grapefruit flavor. The grunts can be filled with the OG (Original Greenport) series at any time, which is a revolving experimental brew. Peconic recently opened his own restaurant, to the north fork farm using local ingredients in wine bars and restaurants, the perfect collocation of beer.

3、Great South Bay: Bay Shore


On any given Saturday, the Bay’s 4000 foot warehouse tasting room is full of beer – filled beer tasting flight and people playing football or corn holes on the table. However, GSB really loves the brewery as a very good beer. For example, its most popular beer, bitterness, fruit fresh orange light beer, even in several states are bottled and sold. But there is always a special limited version of the rotation of beer to meet the needs of the most picky beer drinkers.

4、Blue Point Brewery Company: Patchogue


Since 1998, the blue dot has appeared and has a good reason for the followers. Their flagship beer “toast beer” has won two World Beer Cup medals, and brewery faucets have also been selected. Many of them have interesting local ingredients such as seaweed, oyster and beach plum. Fans’ favorites include the Munich Beer Festival and the mosaic IPA. Moreover, if things go according to plan, breweries will have a new home as early as summer 2018: a new large space with a restaurant and 60 thousand barrels capacity, less than half a mile away from the current location.

5、Montauk Brewing Company: Montauk


A red barn housed in the East Long Island brewery, summer to the local beach, you will find more people drink blue muntok summer light beer cans, rather than staggered. In fact, this five year brewery produces some beer that is easy to drink. And whether in summer or not, breweries will create delicious seasonal beer, beer and conference polling stations. There is an outdoor patio and picnic tables in the room, like beer, mellow mood reflects muntok.

6、Sand City, Northport


Shacheng is one of the new brewery Island opened in 2015, some fans love their hop IPA as the best beer. A breakthrough brewery can have a lot of first class IPA, and these IPA will soon be sold out, but you usually find a few stars in the wine tasting room. Mofosaic is one of the award-winning brewers – a complex IPA with a variety of hops and sweet and simple taste. The sign between the two buildings marks the alley entrance of the lovely blue wine tasting room, the pint, the flight and the grow fish ready.