The coldest city in the world


For most of us, cold means heating or bundling extra layers. However, there are several places on the earth that have brought us a new level of understanding of the cold. According to Guinness World Records, the coldest permanent residence in Russia Siberia Oymyakon human settlement is a remote village where the temperature dropped to a 90 degrees 68 degrees F / C 1933. This article is based on the average temperature of one month to see the coldest cities on the earth, from the warmest to the coldest.

Astana, Kazakhstan


Average monthly temperature: 6.4 F / 14.2 degree C

Although it’s warm in summer, the winter in Astana is very long, dry and especially cold. The extreme lows of 61 degrees Fahrenheit / 51.5 degree C have been recorded, although the average monthly number of months is 6.4 degrees Fahrenheit / 14.2 C. In most years, the city’s rivers are still frozen from mid November to early April. In winter, there are many indoor spots to avoid the weather, and winter tourists don’t have to be afraid of cold. Astana is a modern city, defined by futuristic buildings, splendid mosques, and a large number of shopping and entertainment centers. But it is also one of the coldest cities on earth.

International Falls, Minnesota, United States


Average monthly temperature: 4.4 F / 15 degree C

The northerner called its own national refrigerator, and a record low 55 F / 48 C average seasonal snowfall of 71.6 inches, claiming it was reasonable. The international waterfall is the largest day of the year. In the contiguous United States, the temperature in any of the merged cities is lower than the freezing point, not to mention the spectacular night sky. It is the most famous Canadian border, the boatman’s gateway near the National Park, except one of the coldest cities in the world. The park is a canoe and hiking in the summer, with winter cross-country skiing and ice fishing.

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia


Month average temperature 11.2 degrees 24.6 degrees: F / C

Inhabiting the edge of the Mongolia prairie above 4430 feet above sea level, Ulan Bator is the coldest national capital in the world. The city experienced an extreme seasonal record of 102 degrees F / 39 degrees C, the highest in summer. However, the drop point was 44 degrees F / 42 C, and the average annual temperature in Ulan Bator was below freezing point in the long winter. However, the chaotic weather in the capital can not prevent potential tourists. As an international gateway to the spectacular wilderness areas of Mongolia, Ulan Bator has a group of rich cultural attractions from the charming Modern Art Gallery of the Tibetan Buddhist temple.

Barrow, United States


Month average temperature 13 degrees 25 degrees: F / C

Baro is located over the Arctic Circle in Alaska and is the northernmost city of the United States. It has the lowest average temperature in Alaska City, which increases frequent cloud cover and extreme wind speeds up to 60 miles per hour. The sun stays under the horizon for 65 days each year, and the average temperature of only 120 days is higher than the freezing point per year. However, even though the record low of 56 degrees 49 degrees from F / C, there are many reasons of the tour bus. These include rich i n upiat culture, the surrounding Tundra and the beauty of the chance to see the northern lights.

Yellowknife, Canada


Average monthly temperature: 18.2 F / 27.9 degree C

The northwest region of Canada is located 250 miles south of the Arctic Circle, and is the most advanced city based on the Canadian environmental survey. The 100 Canadian cities, Yellowknife, are the coldest seasons of the year, with cold winters, the most extreme Windchill and the longest ice and snow covered season. The minimum temperature record is 60 F / 51 degrees C, but ironically, it also has a sunny summer in Canada. In the history of gold exploration, Yellowknife is an adventurer of Mecca. Its activities are seen from the hiking, snowmobile and dog sled in the midnight sun.

Yakutsk, Russia


Month average temperature 41 degrees 40 degrees: F / C

The capital of the Republic of Russia, Yakutsk is located about 280 miles south of the Arctic Circle, a thermometer reading match. The average temperature of 41 degrees and January F / C 40 degrees, Yakutsk is considered to be the most cold city mainly in the world – of course, it has the lowest average temperature in winter. Look like a frozen soil Kingdom Museum, the Christian market (Figure) and the National Art Museum of the Sakha Republic, however, make the city for those who don’t mind the cold valuable destination, while the average temperature of 67 degrees 19.5 degrees F / C July is the weather of the summer visitors. In addition to being the coldest city in Siberbia, Yakutsk is the coldest city in the world.