Middle East


Most Western definitions of the “Middle East” outline the region as “nations in Southwest Asia, from Asian nation to Egypt”. However, geographic region nations while not Asian links, like Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Tunisia, Egypt and Morocco, square measure progressively being known as geographic region as against geographic region. On TravelBlog, they use a rather narrower definition for the center East – the world stretching from the Bosphorus (Turkey) to Afghanistan, and therefore the Red Sea.

In the Western world, the center East is sometimes thought of as a preponderantly Islamic Arabic community outlined by frequent war and upheaval. nonetheless the world encompasses lots of distinct cultural and ethnic teams, and 7 main languages. As a result it holds a number of the foremost various and spirited population centers.

Highlights from Middle East

  • The Old City of Jerusalem
  • Hagia Sophia in Istanbul
  • Beirut
  • The Persian capital of Esfahan
  • The rolling dunes of Oman
  • The coast of Cyprus
  • Watersports and safaris in Qatar

Hints and Tips for Middle East

  • In predominantly Muslim countries, restaurants will close during Ramdan until the evening when fasting is broken by the iftar (a meal or even buffet). In Israel, during Passover, grain products or leavened bread may not be sold. It’s good to check local holidays that may affect your travels (or make for an interesting experience).
  • Public displays of affection, taking photos of local women/men (or government-related people/buildings), wearing revealing clothes, trying to touch someone (i.e. to shake hands or tap their shoulder) are a few examples of what may be insulting or even punishable by law.
  • Many of Israel’s neighboring countries will not allow entry if you have visited Israel. To avoid this complication, ask the Israeli authorities to place the visa stamp on a separate document (you may have to assert yourself). There is a chance that the border guards may refuse to do so, but it’s worth asking.
  • Double-check visa requirements beforehand to know whether the country issues visa-on-arrival or if you must apply for an advance visa. Prepare to pay entrance/departure fees in some countries, the cost of which may unexpectedly change. In some countries, you may not be allowed entrance based on your citizenship or because they do not offer tourist visas.
  • Due to volatile politics, it’s wise to stay current with the news in this region.