How to fly with the baby. On the plane. By yourself


Most of the time, my life is like this. I frugaling at Mr Frugalwoods, cleaning up vomit (thanks, thrift Greyhound …), weeding the garden, not making up, baking bread, letting Babywoods eat my toes, I wrote (at least Are they clean?).

But these two weeks, I have deviated from the direction. To this end, I’ve been on the road, in the air, spending money, and otherwise indisposed. Therefore, this position is relatively less frugal, but it has a lot to do with my life.
When preparing for a vacation: First, get sick

This three weeks ago, when Mr. FW was distorted stomach worms began. The kind of bugs that make you vow to never eat again. He was almost paralyzed by the fact that he was lying on the sofa watching TV during the day – a sign of his impending demise. A few years ago, as a man reading TV while waiting for a root canal, I knew he was in poor condition.

I forced him to call the doctor, who was shocked by his symptoms and sent us directly to the hospital. Then we experienced a day in a second band baby (complete intravenous infusion), and went to the grocery store to buy Pedialyte (not a baby). Yum Group.

Of course, there are two days, we will go to more cities, more than a week to visit relatives and attend a meeting. On the plane. Although we had the best hand-washing, germs and tips to avoid contact, I had the same problem the day before my trip. This is my second experience of air travel combined with intestinal diseases – the first is a food poisoning incident to Belgium a few years ago and I consider myself a veteran. Take it slowly with a lot of water.

Fly: with baby!
Baby, at the hotel!

Baby, at the hotel!

Our house, because wood is an hour and a half drive from the airport to a bag, so you can change a babywoods traveling alone to her clothes at the airport parking lot. Our work is fully accessible at the airport with fresh, fresh clothes, diapers, baby and big rested (thanks she napping in the car). Do not get jealous, it’s quite down from there.

jazzed babywoods is about the big number of experienced airlines throughout the academy, rudely, a large number of foreign objects to non-toy grabbers (pallet sheets for her favorite banana), and repetitive applications (now Is it possible that googling is overdone: banana baby online?). . . . . . .

Mr. and I just checked the package permissions on FW T as the airline started charging, but we had to interrupt the streaks with both babywoods. Because I am also on the journey to the second and third leg of our journey, there is no way I can manage carry-on suitcases. My heart thrives with a frugal package, checked with a pack of N GO cars and car seats checking out our cell doors, as well as making online babywoods placed in my hands on me (as Down’s do not meet the door check) along with the backpack And purse. It is advisable for me to make a costume rehearsal before the format deviates from our house


Finally, I let Babywoods fit in the car seat base, wallets and backpacks for the whole time and with car seats, push strollers. This means Babywoods content, my hands are free, and I’m going through the airport for smooth traffic. In a slightly frugal move, we purchased this car seat cover inspection, and I’m glad we did it. Our car seat arrived undamaged and the package now has tears and tears.

So packed with toys, food, costume variations, wine’s small jars, and a blanket, Babywoods and I made it cleverly passed the safe and learned plenty of baby food, breast milk was allowed. Thankfully, I’ve packaged something for about 4 days, and if the TSA wants to tell me the rest, I’m ready (it’s not polite). Running out of baby food at the airport is not a list of my life-long tasks.