How can travel agencies help you plan your next trip?

For some time, travel agencies have been gatekeepers to our dream holidays. Their in-house knowledge of travel on everything, industry connections, and access to exclusive deals remain (and still) indispensable to everyday travelers. But for business or pleasure, we now have hardly any need to pick up the phone, let alone leave home. Traveling develops in such a way that our journey begins with our own desktop or mobile device.

Today’s technology-assisted autonomous travelers control their travel long before they land on their destination. Our fingertips enter our travel agenda Enjoy We have completely changed how we explore the world. However, despite our various options, travel agencies and consultants continue to prove their relevance and remain competitive in the industry.

Become a tourist trap
It’s easier to book air tickets, accommodation, taxi, travel or activity and to create a detailed itinerary that has never been given to our travelers or more challenging, depending on who you ask. Due to the large number of travel planning tools and apps on the market, most of us have become our own personal travel agents, good or bad!

But the controversy can also be called fatigue in decision-making in this hyper-saturated tourism market. This is a tendency for consumers to make poor decisions when facing too many choices and cumbersome decision-making processes. Like other areas of serious dependence on technology, there is plenty of room for information overload in the travel world.

This is the case of travel agencies in 2018 and beyond. They made a ZTE (surprisingly, millennials) era where technology seems to have made them obsolete. Although the travel plans of Google and other Google-like products have become the new standard, travelers are still looking for travel agents despite other resources.

Leave the travel plan to travel specialists
Unless you are a seasoned and experienced traveler, it may be worthwhile to outsource your travel plans to an agency, or at least seek advice from them. After all, it’s their full time job. Travel consultants know the trick of trading and keep up with the latest trends. Information is passed on to them through established channels and relationships with various airlines, cruise lines, train companies, resort and vacation rental companies, travel companies and others.

A good travel expert will know about current events, natural disasters and even about the socio-political climate at your destination. Agents can also be a useful resource for information on travel visas, travel vaccinations, religious restrictions or social etiquette, places we’ve never been to. They are also good at professional booking. This includes boutique or niche travel experiences, honeymoon destination weddings, family cruises, multigenerational families and groups, luxury travel. Even complex multi-period, multi-stop travel with agents of the equation unusual tasks of various airports and transfers.

Tips: Expert knowledge of travel agencies is convenient to places where the local tourism and entertainment facilities are not well developed. Planning can be tricky due to the lack of reliable first-hand information on travel blogs and forums. The same is true for countries that may have speech disabilities, and when you’re there, it’s not easy to simply say “wings.”

Although it is still a good practice to do some research before traveling, the ultimate goal of working with a travel agency is to make the decision-making process more efficient for travelers.

The best travel agencies offer unparalleled customer service to those who need more customization.
The best travel agencies offer unparalleled customer service to those who need more customization.
Can not replace customer service
When online travel agencies (OTAs) enter screens like Expedia, Orbitz, Callacque, and others, people are expected to “go offline” by the end of travel. Although travel agencies (and their needs) have not really disappeared in the past two decades. The problem with online travel agencies is that it is enough for them to give a one-size-fits-all solution to those travelers. But as you and I can prove, each traveler is unique and has unique travel needs!


What is lack of DIY experience with OTA comes down to human factors. No matter how advanced AI technology is, or how many algorithms improve flight search engines, there is no substitute for living, breathing representatives who understand their personal needs. In the case of travel agencies, a bit of solution to the urgently needed understanding exists:

A good agent will be your advocate helping you with unexpected events when travel is troublesome (such as a weather delay), trip cancellations and travel disruption insurance.
If you’ve ever had to extend or reduce your travel you may have been pushed back and forth between customer service representatives from the OTA you booked and you were selected by the airline’s customer service representative. A good agent makes the job clearer.
The travel plan involves many of the moving goods outside of the trip itself and a good agent will try his best to tailor the variables for you.