Alaska Glacier Bay National Park Parade: photography essay

Cruising through the bumpy wilderness of Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska is one of our most photographed experiences of the year. In October, we cross the scenic waters and will be a highlight of our travel around the world. Slowly entering the calm, pristine bay surrounded by mountains and glaciers is an awesome experience.

We often write detailed, informative articles about our adventures and tips for the destinations we visit. But in this article, we are going to make a detour. We (mostly) let these pictures speak for themselves during the daylight hours. Of course, we will still review and prompt quickly.

We took a total of 357 photos. The natural beauty here makes photography effortlessly. We now share some of our favorite shots for travel inspiration. The entire national park and the UNESCO World Heritage Site are magnificent scenes. This is the most primitive Alaska. Cruising in the waters of Glacier Bay is an inspirational list of buckets to travel, and we highly recommend it as a fantastic journey for any nature lover.


Enter Glacier Bay National Park

Our visit to Glacier Bay is entirely on the cruise ship. This is actually the most common way for people to experience a national park. We can not be sure how big the glacier bay, we can only rely on the ship’s railings will be able to see. But we soon discovered that even without the spacecraft, there was plenty of original beauty to experience.

Overnight, the Dutch American Volendam crew has slowly us 65 miles from Juneau via Alaska’s inland waters. In the early morning, our boat drove into the mouth of Glacier Bay. We are aware of the looming cabin window outside of Alaska. With this alone, we were excited to run to the upper deck and slowly start to concentrate in the icy landscape.
Soon we can see the sunny day in the mountains. It is one of the highest coastal mountains in the world, reaching up to 4671 meters (15,325 feet) to the sky.

This mountain seemed aptly named this morning, because the weather is really good. The morning mist and the low-rise clouds fleeting, revealing the blue sky.


Soon, a homeless rider at American National Park joins our boat. We were surprised to see a boat stopped beside us. Each of them climbed the rope ladder and climbed the boat like a pirate. But instead of plundering our boat, it is full of treasures of backpacks that they actually put on the board. We were impressed by the sight of Rangers in setting up a complete temporary visitor center in the Volendam lounge.
As the beginning of October, this is the last time this season into Glacier Bay. Until May, no large ships will re-enter these waters. When they enter the lounge, you can feel the excitement of the park rangers. One said that the sunny weather we are going through is a small chance of chance at this time of year. He commented how it can not be seen from the snow-covered mountains.
Not long before we started to find wildlife. More and more cold bay waters, a pair of killer whales appear briefly on the surface that looks like a friendly greeting. A boat embellished by a steep cliff, a blurry white ball moving in the distance. A pair of binoculars shows that this is an extension of the North American wild goat on the rocky coast.

Finding wildlife on land from the boat is a novelty, even if it comes from afar. Occasionally, passengers may even see bears while cruising at Glacier Bay. We are not so lucky. Although we did not see much of the playful seals, even an iconic Bald Eagle flying overhead.