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.Algeria Travel Guide

AlgeriaAs the largest country in Africa, Algeria’s terrain is hugely varied yet underexplored: few visitors travel beyond the country’s Mediterranean port cities (namely Oran and the capital, Algiers), which lie amidst fertile land and the scattered vestiges of Phoenician and Roman colonies.For the intrepid traveller, adventure awaits in Algeria. A beguiling blend of cultures, landscapes and traditions, this giant chunk of land contains everything from tranquil fishing ports and bustling cities to the unmatched drama of the Sahara Desert…[Read More]

.Cameroon Travel Guide

CameroonAside from certain no-go areas, Cameroon has much to offer adventurous travellers. From its verdant rainforests to its iconic wildlife, the country is bursting with life. Go and you shall be handsomely rewarded.While referring to Cameroon as “Africa in miniature” has become a bit of a cliché, this statement certainly rings true: everything you would expect from the African continent seems to be consolidated here, in this enticing and eclectic land.The beautiful south is characterised by tropical rainforests and deserted golden beaches …[Read More]

.Egypt Travel Guide

egyptEgypt is famously the land of the pharaohs. There’s Tutankhamun, the young boy who became a pharaoh of the 18th dynasty, and whose solid gold death mask is of the most famous ancient artefacts ever found. Or Nefertiti, the spouse of Pharaoh Akhenaton, who is believed to have ruled in her own right and whose beauty is the stuff of legend. Both have given unparalleled romance to the country’s history.From iconic pyramids that rise from ancient sands and bustling medieval bazaars filled with colour, to the limitless desert dotted with oases…[Read More]

.Kenya Travel Guide

kenyaAs you might expect, wildlife safaris are the lifeblood of Kenyan tourism, and the infrastructure for travellers is impressive. Jeeps, buses and light aircraft fan out every day across the country to safari lodges and tented camps, some simple and rustic, others lavish and opulent. Refreshingly, you can enjoy close encounters with nature even on a budget, with walking safaris run by tribal guides and economic tented camps that scrimp on creature comforts, but not on creatures.Lions and leopards are part of the landscape in Kenya, East Africa…[Read More]

.Libya Travel Guide


Travel to Libya is ill-advised at the moment due to the ongoing civil war. And that’s a shame, because this beautiful land has much to offer the intrepid traveller.One of the largest countries in African, Libya boasts a stunning Mediterranean coastline, gorgeous desert landscapes and no fewer than seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites. These ancient sites are a reminder that Libya’s history has always been tumultuous: before Gaddafi’s regime and the ensuing civil war, the country endured Greek, Roman and Italian rule…[Read More]

.Morocco Travel Guide


Morocco is a heady mix of languages, cultures, religions, ancient traditions and modern sensibilities. It conjures up images of mint tea and tagine, date plantations and minarets, labyrinthine medinas and pungent spice stalls. Jimi Hendrix, Jack Kerouac and Winston Churchill were all drawn to this enticing North African nation, which continues to pique the interest of curious minds today.One of the more liberal countries in North Africa, Morocco’s biggest drawing card is Marrakech, a giddying…[Read More]

.Republic of Congo Travel Guide


Bordered to the East by the vast Congo River, the Republic of Congo is often confused with its bigger and more notorious sibling, the DRC, on the other side of the river, and this certainly hasn’t done its tourist reputation any favours in recent years.But for those intrepid enough to give the smaller, quieter and lesser-known Congo a try, they’ll find that it boasts beautiful landscapes characterised by undulating virgin rainforest, waterfalls, lagoons, river rapids and swamps. These wild places are home to an abundance…[Read More]

.South Africa Travel Guide

South Africa

With golden beaches, jagged mountains and national parks overflowing with wildlife, South Africa is the Africa you’ve always imagined. While memories of a troubled past stay, the republic is well on the way to regaining its throne as the holiday capital of Africa, visited by ten million people every year.Topping a long list of attractions is the republic’s spectacular wildlife and natural scenery. National parks and nature reserves preserve an wonderful variety of landscapes -rolling plains, towering mountains, arid deserts…[Read More]

.Sudan Travel Guide


Sudan is not very your archetypal tourist location, but behind the unsavoury headlines is a country of exquisite natural beauty, ancient historical attractions and inhabitants well versed in the art of hospitality.A large country, times the size of Los angeles, Sudan is as much about people as it is natural or manmade wonders. It is a nation where travellers can learn more drinking freshly prepared smoothies with the residents of Khartoum (Sudan is officially alcohol free) than they can by visiting of the capital’s excellent museums…[Read More]

.Zambia Travel Guide


Vast lakes, rich wetlands, breathtaking African sunsets and a custom of superb guiding contribute to Zambia’s immense appeal as a safari location.Its most famous landmark, Victoria Falls, which it shares with Zimbabwe, attracts nature lovers and thrillseekers similar. Visit in March or April, when the falls are in full spate, and you’ll be greatly surprised by the rainbows, the roar of the fast-falling water and the dense, drenching clouds of spray. The Zambezi River, which is glassy-smooth above the falls and wild below, is ideal…[Read More]