5 best swimming beaches in South Africa


South Africa is a primitive paradise for water lovers. Whether you want to be in the sea, at sea, or under the sea, there are countless ways to make your sea repair – including snorkeling, diving, fishing and surfing. Swimming is one of the simplest and cheapest ways to enjoy water, and many of the best beaches in South Africa are tailored. There are ten unrivalled swimming beaches. Some of them are listed on the blue flag, some are the main tourist attractions, others are well kept secret. Almost all of them are on the east coast of South Africa, where the India ocean keeps a warm water temperature.

1、Thompson’s Bay, Ballito

A 40 minute drive north of Durban arrives in the picturesque seaside town of Barto. Ballito has a popular holiday resort, a beautiful beach for choice, and the best fit for swimming is the Thompson’s Bay (Bay). This beautiful bay is a safe haven, characterized by calm waters, interesting rock outcrops and a fascinating geological cave. For those who swim in the sea, there is a tidal pool with a wall, which is a good choice for the family. The lifeguard and the shark net provides an additional layer of security (though the annual sardine run every year in advance clear network).


2、Umhlanga Rocks, Durban

A 20 minute drive from downtown Durban, the resort town Wumulanjia is high places for vacation South Africans and tourists. The main u. M. rocky beaches have safe swimming waters and endless golden sandy beaches, once again protected by lifeguards and shark nets. Between the two baths, you can look at the Umhlanga Lighthouse lighthouse, or walk along the whale Wharf on the beach. The paved aisles can lead directly to the town’s seaside stores, restaurants and bars. Although in the summer of December is very crowded, but one of the top point of the Christmas in Kwazulu – Natal province, but was popular with the festive atmosphere.


3、Gonubie Beach, East London

The coastal city of Gonubie is regarded by many people as the eastern suburb of East London, one of the largest cities in the East Cape Province. Its picture perfect beach provides a shelter for the harbor, and the children’s wall tidal pool. The Gonubie River also reaches the sea at this time, and provides another bath at surfing on a larger day than usual. Along the green river bank, you will find a series of cool places for the summer picnic and barbecue. The beach is connected to the Gonubie’s seaside restaurant through a beautiful plank road, which provides a higher position for watching humpback whales during the winter migration.


4、Kelly’s Beach, Port Alfred

To the south of the sunshine coast, a town of Alfred beach where the port is Kelly, Kelly won medals in 2017-2018 blue flag beach. A 400 meter light brown beach with clean sand and water. Children’s parents have a delimited swimming area, and the surfboard rental service allows children of all ages to enjoy a mild expansion. The facilities here are very good, including clean toilet, ecological information board and whole year lifesaving service. During the whale watching season, two viewing stands are used, or enjoy spectacular sunrise and sunset.


5、Humewood Beach, Port Elizabeth

The main beach in Port Elizabeth is one of the country’s only two won the blue flag status of the country, in the project in South Africa survived 17 years. The long, gentle bend of the beach is on the calm surface of the water and is suitable for swimming. During the peak season (November to April), lifeguards are on duty, while on-site facilities include fresh water beach showers and specially designed beach wheelchairs. There are plenty of free parking nearby, and summer beaches can be very busy; but in winter, the crowd is scattered and calm. At any time of the year, you can easily reach the best restaurant in the city.