2017 Summer Travel Update

So we went midway through the fourth year of the World Expedition and we returned to the United States. But this trip is not over!

This is a fun playful Latin America 2017 first half, exploring the list of destinations such as Machu Picchu and Galapagos. We love roaming around Latin America and have calculated that we have spent more than 16 months in the United States in 16 different countries in the region. However, this is the time to move forward again.

As early as December 2016, we started our fourth year of global travel, one-way ticket to Ecuador, where there is no exact plan to go. We did ventured to Ecuador, intending to slow the pace of travel. However, before we finally decided to return to Mexico for the fourth year in a row, it was almost an Andean adventure.
This article is excited about how this year’s travel has evolved and where we’re going next.

How about our Andean adventure & plan?

Enter Peru

We released the last travel update in March as we are making final preparations for the journey into the Amazon. It is an adventurous independent travel navigator down the Napo River (look back at our Amazon Adventure here), but we finally reach the city known as the world’s largest road without links: Iquitos, Peru. We find Iquitos unique in the world. This floating village is one of the more interesting highlights.


After we make a quick flight to Lima, connect us to Cusco. What a beautiful city! However, like many traveling to this small town, our main purpose is to use it as a transit site for ancient Inca ruins in Machu Picchu. Of course, we embarked on a jungle trip, embarked on the most risky route!

We have a horrible experience from solving the rainbow rain in the mountains and eventually having a good car trip to Puno’s Andes. That’s our connection with Bolivia!

Proceed to Bolivia

Arriving in Bolivia is the 63rd country in which we now travel and is in fact the only new country we visited throughout the year! But it seems that we have chosen a good one, because Bolivia really was shocked and happy. Our first stop: Lake Titicaca, the tallest navigable lake in the world. We are impressed by the beauty of the distant Sun Island, which makes a huge introduction to this country.

We continue to take a bus to Bolivia’s bustling capital, La Paz. I do not know what we like here more than (a) the city uses trams as their public transport system, or (b) the busy crossroads are filled with zebra crossing to help you cross the road. You decide.