20 things to do on budget for Halifax: Travel guide

After extensive exploration of Halifax in summer, we found it to be such an interesting tourist destination! It provides perfect packaging. We love the unique marine culture, friendly halgonians, weekly festivals, breathtaking summer weather, rich landscaped spaces, thriving craft beer scenes, delicious seafood, and vibrant waterfront. Halifax awesome!

However, one of the reasons we travel to the Nova Scotia capital is the potential cost. There are so many things to do in Halifax that we worry that modest travel budgets may make it impossible to fully experience what the city can offer.

So we did some thorough investigation and we are very happy to find that Halifax can be a great place to travel. We can not believe how many freebies we can do in Halifax! At the same time, we also found that accommodation was much cheaper than other popular Canadian destinations. Flights to Halifax are also cheap now



Coupled with the many restaurants that make use of the region’s famous seafood. All the delicious cups of local beers you can wash down are brewed thanks to all the happy hours. Halifax may be just one of Canada’s most friendly tourist destinations!

However, travel costs can easily accumulate here if you are not careful. When we were looking for something in Halifax, we encountered a $ 100 expensive harbor cruise. Lobster dinner is equally expensive. But we finally found some ways to provide this port a few dollars, and even all the lobster dinners can be under $ 10! We also found free canoe rentals, a $ 2 beer and even a centrally located accommodation for less than $ 50 a night!

This travel guide shows you all the money you need to save money and help you get all the best from Halifax while on the budget!



Walking along Halifax’s waterfront cliffwalk is a must

Fees: Free

It stands to reason that the best budget in Halifax is to hang out on the Halifax Waterfront. This is the Port of Halifax Harbor is the longest in the world a boardwalk city center! You can spend the entire afternoon with a stroll through the picturesque waterfront wood frame and stone warehouse.

Embark on the terraced restaurant, former Navy ships into museums, eclectic galleries, colorful seafood cabins and inviting outdoor beer gardens!


As you walk along the iconic waterfront, you’ll hear chattering, gurgling water, soft-sounding docked boats, and laughter from running children. This is a fascinating place to really define the city of Halifax.

If you just want to do something in Halifax, then go to the beach. Walk along Halifax Harbor and soak it in. This is an event that must be done in Halifax and is free!